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CT Maintenance/Support

At Rio Grande Physics we are proud to state that our engineers are considered experts in this field with over ____ years of combined CT service expertise. Our staff delivers confidence in troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing the most difficult system issues.  From troubleshooting image quality problems to performing simple routine tasks like CT tube re-certification, we guarantee you expert delivery in record times. We also provide tests to meet full requirements on all makes and models of machines.

Rio Physics Offers; Maintenance Agreements, Demand Service, Planned Maintenance Agreements, Support Agreements, CT Technical Training and CT Maintenance Agreements. CT Service agreements are tailored to any client's specific needs. Rio Physics also provides economical solutions that help you achieve your business objectives without sacrificing quality.


Cyclotron Operations

Cyclotron Operations

Implementing a multi-functional, radioisotope and radio-pharmaceutical production facility is a complex and tedious task. It requires; technical knowledge, a systematic approach, along with careful planning cultivated from earlier phases of the project, until the delivery of a final dose to the patient. At Rio Grande Physics we work closely with our clients throughout the entire project lifecycle – starting from facility design, equipment installation, radioisotope and radio-pharmaceutical production, quality assurance, and regulatory advice regarding delivery of the final radio-pharmaceutical doses. Given the high degree of integration between the cyclotron and radioisotope production systems, customization of hot cells, target and radioisotope delivery systems, and radio pharmacy equipment to the specific radio-pharmaceutical production processes is required.

Our goal is to help customers establish a facility that is compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and stringent regulatory requirements.  The customized infrastructure, equipment, and processes that we offer is designed by integrating technologies from multiple vendors, and is intended to address both current and future production needs. Cyclotron Services Offered; Facility Integration Services, (RERP) proton beam testing, Radiation Decay Analysis, Engineering Services, Electronic and Mechanical Device Prototyping and Fabrication, Proton Therapy development/testing and Cyclotron training.


D&D Services

D&D Services

Rio Grande Physics is a full-service provider of radiological, environmental, and waste solutions. Our staff’s committed to finding an economical method to service your specific needs while maintaining the highest level of safety and quality standards In terms of decontamination and decommissioning services, Rio Grande Physics employs individuals who are recognized nationally and internationally as leading D&D experts.

Our services aren’t limited to D&D. Rio Physics also employs health physicists, industrial hygienists, DOT specialist,  and health and safety individuals who specialize in waste management, safety, quality, shielding design, auditing, procedure development and source identification. Our staff also maintains a strong environmental presence with services including; remediation, abatement, and cleaning. 


  • UNM Radiologic Sciences Program Supporter!

    Rio Grande Physics is glad to show its support for the UNM radiology program.

    Feel free to contact Pamala K. Garcia-Ramirez the program coordinator for the Radio-logic Sciences Programs at the University of New Mexico located at Health Sciences Center - School of Medicine. 

    Phone: 505-272-5254

    Fax:     505-272-8079  

    Thank you for your interest in the UNM radiology programs.  

    You can also visit their website: 

    Click here to Visit the UNM radiology program website. 

  • CT Training


    Our staff is extremely experienced and knowledgeable. We can provide thorough detailed training to our clients for maintenance, repairs and standard scan procedures.



    Rio Grande Radio logical Physics is experienced with proper disposal of radioactive waste. Each one of our qualified staff members are certified and have years of experience with appropriate government mandated procedures.

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